With the three different Coffee plastics from OVDesigns, there is a wide range of applications possible. From long-term products to single-use products. All of these plastics are perfect in use for injection moulding machines and makes mass production possible.


Injection moulding

All of the OVDesigns plastics are optimized for injection molding and therefore suitable for mass production. This technique melts the plastic and injects the material in a mould. The mould has the shape of the product. Once the material is cooled down it is stiff and shaped as the desired product.

In the following figure, you will see the steps needed to produce a plastic product with the injection moulding technique.

Long-term products

Our special developed Espresso Polymer is perfect for long-term products like chairs, trays and coffee machine parts. With this material, the product will last for a lifetime. Our goal is to make the material even dishwasher proof.

Done with the product? Just throw it away with your kitchen and garden trash and it will degrade in the simulated enviroment of the waste processor.

Short-term products

The Cappuccino Polymer is developed to degrade in nature. However, the focus of this material is that it is still usable for many years. OVDesigns made this possible with the cappuccino polymer. Products like packaging of cosmetics or Cotton Swabs. These products are using a lot of plastic and are thrown away after their short life. These products can be made from the Cappuccino Polymer and will degrade by itself when it ends up in nature.

Single use products

The Americano Polymer is specially developed for products that don’t need to last a lifetime and are used only once. Plastic planters and golf tees for example, after use, they are thrown away or are broken and are left in nature. With the American Polymer, the products will degrade in about two months and work as nutrition for the soil.

Even better imagine planting plants without the need to remove the planter before putting it in the ground?

Wouldn’t that be really easy?






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